The Project`s WHY
Mark`s mission is to help people "get better at life".
I personally ( aren't we all ) resonate with his efforts.

Before Designs

Project`s GOALS
Initial Brief

Build Authority and position as Market Leader
Build a Movement / Tribe
Build Trust with his Target Audience in an Authentic way
Generate Leads
Design should be Friendly and Approachable
Engaged Community
Captivate people`s Hearts by mirroring their Hopes, Fears and Desires
Honest, Real, Raw and Vulnerable Vibe
Blog Design - more Blog Comments

I chose to go this Route

His Audience 
Target Market

Female Life Coaches

Emphasising his Vulnerability - Brand Key Point
( by showing him on the first page with open arms, welcoming them )

Using Light Colour Schemes
( for females )

Backgrounds and Textures with "Flowers of Life"
( mirroring the "spiritual" aspect of Mark`s work )

Light and easy Colour Schemes that reflect an
"Approachable" vibe and attitude
( mi website su website )

Rounded Edges and Angles
( ( female ) instead of straight angles ( male ) )

I included Opt-Ins for capturing emails
( Generate Leads )

Case Studies and testimonials for Social Proof, etc.
( Trust )

Clear and big CTA`s ( Call to Actions )
( Generate Leads )

Enabled him to:

Expand his Confidence and Online Reach
( by looking like "Pro" )

Increased Perceived Value / Authority
( the website looks and feels inspired ( for his audience, specifically ) )

The New Branding reflects his unique Purpose, "Vibe" and Mission
( for his audience, specifically )

Capture Leads via Big, bright Opt Ins

Increase Engagement via their newly designed Blog

Optimised Marketing Efforts
( he now knows his audience better = greater focus )

Mindmaping Keywords
Initial Sketchings
Initial Ideas
Final Logo
Main Font
Collaterals in Contex
Landing Page Wireframes
Landing Page Design
Main Blog Page
Products Page
Contact Page
Social Media
Interactive PDF`s for his Courses
Branded Quote for Social Media
Branded Email Signature + CTA ( Call to Action )
Thank you for scrolling :)
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