We live in an age of data overload with millions of quality e-commerce websites that mostly are being lost in the noise.

• Enabling online entrepreneurs to tell their story.
• A place for entrepreneurs to co-create and mesh-mash ideas or products.
• A platform that inspires cooperation and a healthy competition atmosphere. 
• Community Support
• Test and Validate Iideas or Products
Come up with brand system and Logo idea that is modern, smart and simple.

Tone Words / Keywords
Platform, Aggregator, Prototype, Validate, Community, Social

• Balanced, simple and clean Brand Mark ( they wanted do reach a wider audience )
• Customized "hashtag symbol" alluding to mesh-mashing, exchanging, community, social, hatstag, forward thinking ( italics )
• "Techy" rounded edged typography ( modern, futuristic, tech-ready, dynamic )
• Yellow-Orange as they Brand`s Main Colour Theme:
- Knowledgable ( they aggregate online information )
- Data Ready / Information Savy 
- Trusted 
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